How to play music from Logitech Media Server using Volumio player?

I have a new piece of equipment coming which uses Volumio as it’s media player.

I have a Logitech Media Server running on Windows.

I want to be able to play music from the LMS via Volumio- to do this I will need to install a Volumio plugin on LMS (as I understand it- or do I install an LMS plugin into VOlumio when my player arrives???)

ANYWAY please help me understand what I need to do in order to use my Logitech Media Server library for playing music through Volumio

on LMS install UPnP/DLNA Bridge and enable UPnP Renderer on Volumio. Then you can select Volumio form the players in LMS.

This no longer works, because AFAIK with LMS version 8.4.0 the LMS UPnP plugin no longer works

Running LMS V8.5.0 and it still works:

The UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin is not what I want to use.

I would prefer the UPnP/DLNA Media Interface plugin because that would allow LMS for be seen as a UPnP SERVER.

As I understand it, the UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin advertises LMS as a UPnP PLAYER which is not what I want.


Have you looked at Volumio’s “Media Servers”?

In this case you need to install “UPnP/DLNA Media Interface” in LMS.

UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin does not advertise LMS, it reads players that advertise themselves.