How to play an album, and then stop playing?

If I select an album and start playing it, Volumio will play it to the end - and then start playing what is at the top of the Queue.

There are no circumstances in which I want this to happen - why does it happen, and is there some way to disable it?

I never use the queue, but everything I play seems to get added to it. Is it possible to disable this behaviour, or simply remove the queue altogether?



Each time you ask volumio to play something, it is added to the “queue”, and volumio will play, one after each other, all the items that are present in the queue. So it will stop only when the queue is empty…

Thanks, that is a clear explanation of what’s happening, and it also helped me see that the repeat function was turned on in the queue, which was why something (even if I’d emptied the queue) would always start playing again.