How to organize files for Volumio to find them


I have a USB network drive attached to my router. I’ve ripped a couple CDs and put the audio files on the drive.

In Volumio under Media Servers I find UPnP and four folders (“Browse Folders”, “Music”, “Pictures”, “Video”).

I don’t find anything in any of the media folder but I am able to browse manually through the drive to find the individual music files. It doesn’t seem to organize them by Genre, Artist or any other cataloging process. Any suggestions on how to set this up to be more user friendly?

Thank you.

You have to give more explanation.
Under mediaserver, you’ll find the files served by a mediaserver. In your case the router acts as a mediaserver. Volumio has no control over your router and only display’s what your router serves.

The normal way is setup a network share under sources, then the Volumio interface can kick in.

I’m sorry, I’m not highly skilled in this area. I’m looking for best advice on how to set up a file sharing location for all my stored music. I don’t see much in the way of tutorials or set up information on this. Ideally, I would put all my music on a single USB drive attached to my network. My home router has a USB port. I have my USB drive connected and I can see it/access it from my computer. Volumio sees it as well but I’m not sure I’m using the best method for this application. I welcome any advice you might be able to offer.

The best way is placing your music on a NAS, and have Volumio accessing this share. This is normally the least troublesome way to enjoy your music.
You can achieve similar effects using the USB disk attached to your router, but this is a bit more troublesome to setup an less stable. As for the router, sharing a USB disk, it’s nothing more than a nice to have thing, as a router is intended to delivery network capabilities.
I hope this gives you some pointers.

I do have a synology ds918+ but Volumio doesn’t see it at all. I can access files on my NAS from laptop, home computer and cell phone but not from Volumio. I thought to go the route of the USB drive because I can see it from Volumio. I would prefer to use the NAS (few components to manage).
Are there any real set-up documents for Volumio?

Not really.

But very basic.

  • Use windows to find the path to your share, normally this is <ip-address>\sharename
  • Check your NAS if you decide to use SMB, which version is supported (vers=1.0 vers=2.0, vers=2.1, vers=3.0)
  • If you have used credentials for your share, write them down.

Now use this list to fill the share settings in volumio.

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I thank you for taking the time to provide assistance.