how to mount usb disk

Hello friends
what are the steps to mount a usb disk 500gb?
I connect it in the usb port of the raspberry which I have with power supply of 5V 3A, the disk that I use is a WD my passport of 500gb and the bibloteca nothing appears to me.

I have a raspberry pi 3, i-saber v3 dac

thank you.

If you connect it, it will be automatically recognized

If you can’t power the drive directly, try with a powered USB hub, rather than relying on the Pi to supply the power.

I will try to connect the DD to a HUB, but I try with an 8GB pendrive connected directly to the raspberry and it does not read it :cry:

If you have access to the command line, then you could run ‘lsusb’ before & after adding the device to check that it is being found by the OS.