How to modify a file in squashfs

I need help.

I want ot modify a file inside the Volumio App folder, inside the squashfs

How to do that ?
It seems that files can not be edited because of the squashfs filesystem

Should i unsquash then resquash.?
How to resquash then. I tried with mksquashfs an no option, the Volumio was quite broken after that


when ‘requashing’ the system found some 1001 uid and 1002 gid… That is the issue

[code]# unpack the squash
unsquashfs volumio_current.sqsh

do you stuff in squashfs-root/

there are some files with 1001:1002 ids

which have to be set to root 0:0

for i in find squashfs-root/ -uid 1001; do chown 0:0 $i; done
for i in find squashfs-root/ -gid 1002; do chown 0:0 $i; done

repack the squash

mksquashfs squashfs-root/* volumio_current.sqsh[/code]

You do not need to do that if you need the changes for a running system.
We have used overlayfs with the RO squashfs and a RW folder on the data partition.
This creates a “writable” rootfs without modifying the original squash file.
Your modifications will be kept on the data partition and “merged” with the squash file during boot (our own initramfs).

Ok thank you Gé for the advice.
The overlayfs was not running on an upgraded volumio version (?!)
Since i played with last image file and sd cards, overlayfs is available and very usefull

-> Now trying the statemachine.js updated at bugfix ‘Bugfix playlist stops #1753

Are you sure it was not running. Perhaps you overlooked something? Without overlayfs, Volumio would not even start.
That said, we had reports in the past from older versions with the 3rd partition not resizing properly.
Overlayfs should made updates transparent, unless they were substantial and used more space than was available because of the failing resize.