How to make Volumio3 images work on OrangePi Zero 3?

It’s a new powerful model of OrangePi. H618 processor with DDR4 ram upto 4G . Is there any way to make Volumio3 work on the new OrangePi Zero 3.

There is no Volumio support for the OPi Zero 3, I’m not aware of anyone trying to port Volumio to this platform either.

the OrangePi Zero 3 is not even supported by Armbian.

Without Armbian support, it’s almost impossible that someone will work on a Volumio porting

I believe @darmur 's remark is important here.
In the past a lot of the porting was done with Volumio Community generated (vendor) kernels and u-boot. Over time, this appeared no longer sustainable because of the maintenance involved. This was one of the reasons why I have stopped support for most of the Community Portings I did in the part.

Official Armbian support for the board is the only reasonable solution to take away the effort for kernel and u-boot build issues.
However, this does not mean that now any board supported by Armbian could have a Volumio porting. It will still require the board to be a very popular one AND a community developer willing to invest his time to develop and maintain the build.

OPi Zero 3 with the H618 is fairly new, there are unsupported Armbian builds around which should not be used. But who knows what the future will bring.

If you want a “Zero”, check also the Radxa Zero. It is amlogic based, availability is improving. It is very responsive, faster, however differently featured. 1GB is enough and there is a community build for it.