How to make Volumio recognize a Windows 11 PC Hard Drive

I have Volumio on a Raspberry pi4. I have a Music Hard Drive on a PC. How to make Volumio find this music Hard Drive. I am using the free version of Volumio.Add New Drive is not finding the PC MUSICHARD DRIVE.

take a look at this topic;

I tried your suggestions for hours with no success. I am trying to install an “All Music Folder” which is in a Windows 11 PC in an SSD 1TB drive. Looks like I am the only one trying with Windows 11. I had Volumio on a rpi4 some years ago but abandoned it for poor response. 3 days lost… I will again have to quit trying. How could it be that Volumio does not offer specific instructions for Win 11 or at least say it does not work…

Or MS telling people in a simple way how their sharing works :smiley:
But I agree, it has become complicated over the years and Ian’s post covered most of it (Volumio Moderator at the time).

This is what I did to get it working:

  • Created the folder with the music to share
  • Right-clicked on the folder → Show more options → Properties → Sharing → Share
  • Selected “Everybody” and pressed “Add”, close with “Share”, “Done”
  • Giving access to “Everybody” is not enough though as Windows 11 forces password protected sharing. Therefore went to Control Panel → Network & Sharing Centre → Change advanced sharing settings
  • Opened “All Networks” and disabled “Password-protected sharing”

This completed the windows-side settings.

For Volumio

  • Opened the “Sources” menu
  • Selected “Add New Drive”
  • Entered an Alias
  • Added the IP address of my Windows 11 PC
  • Entered the name of the folder I shared (not the path, just the name of the folder I right-clicked on!)
  • Entered a user and a password (this is MS, it does not matter what you enter, it is not going to be checked)


Btw. I edited your Topic title to reflect a Windows 11 issue.

Thanks very much for the information. First try I missed to add Everybody… so, it didn’t work. I tried a couple times… Then I went back and added Everybody and Eureka it works. I am happy now.