How to know a new plug-in version is available?

Hi, I see the installed-plug-in version in the GUI but how do I know if there is a new version of a certain plug-in available ? Thx

you’ll see an update button in the plugin screen.

Will keep an eye on that I just updated the Spotify plug-in by reinstall due to the information I read in a post. I might have missed it, Thx

Yes, I think it’s a default GUI settings, that as soon a new version is in, it shows this button. However not every plugin will do the update properly. like the Spotify plugin.
I think they should make the “update” button as a configuartion, where the author of the plugin can set if you can do an update, or de- and reinstall the plugin.

If a new version is available then the update button is available and update can be applied.
If plugin test mode is enabled, the button update is shown if a new beta is available BUT beta required uninstall previous version and install new version.
This is the two case you can meet.