How to install Volumio on my eMMC drive?


I have a SBC with a 32gB eMMC I would like to install Volumio on. How can I transfer Volumio that’s installed on a USB stick over to this drive?

Thanks in advance!

And what is your SBC?

you have to have or baleno etcher or raspberry pi imager to load is
and burn it or via usbstick with emmc (if you got that ) otherwise
just read this : how to write a emmc

@balbuze sbc = Sparky SBC ALLO (Motherboard) LOL

Thanks. But I’m pretty sure the eMMC is soldered on this board. And you can’t access the eMMC by connecting a USB cable to the USB port like with an Asus Tinkerboard. I’m using this board here:

I managed to install Dietpi to the eMMC. Because Dietpi allows you to install to a USB stick, then it has Clonezilla built in that allows you to choose the eMMC as the final storage device, then it clones the image to the eMMC. But not sure how to do this with Volumio.