How to install Plex server

Wanted to install Plex server on my Volumio device instead of Jellyfin as I prefer it and saw no one explaining how to do it, so heres a little tutorial (it’s quite easy):

1- Download the latest .deb package from here

2- Use an SSH file manager such as WinSCP to place the .deb file into the local storage of your Volumio system. I used data/INTERNAL as it’s easy to find and remember.

3- Open your computer’s console/terminal program (cmd for me). Type ssh volumio@[insert ip/hostname here] (may differ depending on operating system) and press enter. It will most likely ask for a password, for which the default is volumio.

4- Type sudo dpkg -i [path to .deb including filename]. You will be asked for a password, input the same one from Step 3. Type yes when asked.

5- Once installation is complete, you may delete the installer file and close all windows. Visit the Web UI at [insert volumio ip here]:32400/manage and continue the Plex setup.

This should also work for almost any .deb installer, although I am not sure how to access programs that don’t have a web interface.

Hope this helps!