How to hide some of my music folders on Volumio 3 and RPi

Hey Volumio Community,

I’ll love Volumio 3 Premium on my Rpi4 but there is a feature I need. Or maybe it’s already there?

I want some music folders being hidden (Compilations and so on) from my Album Overview. Because it’s getting very unsorted with that. Is there a possibility to hide some folders from getting searched by Volumio BUT still available via the “My Media”?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Have you tried to set this setting under sources to:

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Thank you for your tip. But it’s set identically on my Volumio. Is there one more solution as well?

If you have properly tagged your files, your album artist should be set to Various Artist. This way Volumio knows it’s a compilation. If not it will consider it as single albums, causing the overwhelmed covers in Album view.

yes right. Now I got it. But for me the faster way would be to hide them from “cover view”. Or not faster way, its more a cleaner way for me. To grow my collection of favorite music. So I really just want to hide the compilations.

How would Volumio know it’s a compilation?

never. So that’s why I want to hide it, at least in cover view. But I guess it’s not possible. For example on android you can set a dot before a folder in some cases and it’s hidden. Im looking for something like that.

I found a solution:

To exclude all files and subdirectories add the ‘*’ wildcard to the .mpdignore file. You can use other wildcards in their normal fashion.

The previous post already explains how to do it. For example, to exclude all files in the folder /music/films, you would type at the command line:

echo "*" > /music/films/.mpdignore

posted for years here how to exclude folders from Library update - #2 by loza

Thanks for your feedback, so we learn new things every day. Wasn’t aware of this.