How to get multi-room to work

I just upgraded to Premiun to get the multi-room feature. I have 2 devices powered up.
How do I get them to play the same thing? I’m using Tidal as my source.
I don’t see anyway to do this, so what am i missing?

I get to that screen, then what?
I group both devices, but I don’t get the same music .

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If you can see the other device on the Group setting, and it does make the Group, I don’t see why it should not work.

Do both devices work properly when playing on their own?

If so, maybe you should open a ticket on support, Volumio team are quick and efective, based on my experience.

Thanks. I got it working once.
But sometimes there is no little icon that will allow me to get to groups.
I’m still investigating.

Hi @jocoman

it’s Davide, volumio tech support
Please take a look of our Knowledge Base
Multiroom Feature (

If you still need help don’t hesitate to reach me HERE

Here to help :wink: