How to edit browse window elements in web ui

Hello everybody,

as my english is not so good, I hope you understand my topic.

I’m looking for a solution to edit the browse Window appearance. I want to delete the “artist”, “album” and “genre” button" because I never use them and they don’t go well with my data structure. If possible I would like to add a button that links up direktly to my music library folder without first choosing “drive”, “usb drive” and at last “Music library”. Somehow a shortcut or direct link…


Hi Andre,

i am looking to do the same. I have a small touchscreen for the my PI and also control it from my smartphone. Looking for a slimmed down skin that does away with the volume and progress dials and maximises the album art.

I have experience of writing HTML in the early days of the web but have limited knowledge on modern complex webpages with javascript and CSS. I will have a look and see what i can do.

here is a post about how to shrink assets on the web browser