How to debug USB audio proplems?

I do have a proplem with Helix DSP USB audio addon card, it does not get recognized when my PI is powered up.(it works after reboot)

How would i start to debug this issue? (I’m not too skilled with Unix systems in general)
I can disassembly the unit to see which chip is in there if it’s necessary.

Also, is there anything to do about the pops/clicks when changing track or starting playback?(this is not an issue with any other device, with hifiberry hat on pi, the pops/clicks happen only sometimes, versus USB all the time)

SW. 2.907
HW. Pi 4

Product in question →

Supported device operating
Windows, macOS, iOS,

do you have it in high speed mode?

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It’s driverless device, expect for windows if the highest supported samplerate is used.

So it’s standard implementation, basically any device which implements usb audio classes works with it, don’t ask me why they still decided to list supported systems, since now days pretty much every system which is USB audio out capable does implement those.

but where is linux in the list?

this is said about usb :

USB operating modesFull Speed Mode (default): Highest compatibility with all Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices. Supports sample rates up to 96 kHz / 32 Bit. No driver installation necessary.
High Speed Mode: Compatible with most of all Android (> Ver-sion 6), iOS, macOS and Windows devices. Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz / 32 Bit. A driver installation for Windows devices is
necessary to use sampling rates higher than 96 kHz / 32 Bit. The
driver download can be found at
Note: If you are facing compatibility or connection issues always use the Full Speed mode which is also enabled by default.

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It’s not in the list, but i do know that Linux does implement usb audio classes so it should work out of box, did it read in the list or not.(friend of mine from car audio scene does use moode with his RPI and it works flawless, so there is no compability issues with Linux)

Should be in full speed mode, since with android highspeed did not work, need to double check thought.

i’m still looking online if there is any solution on this. didn’t found it yet.
there is not a lot info to find :frowning:

did you try it without a hat?

I found it extremely easy to configure the USB module that I use exactly like you with Volumio on raspberry but without any additional module since the DirectUSB does not need other HAT modules.

shot in the dark – try the Buster beta, it has much more recent kernel…

Yes the USB out i did use USB port from the RPI directly, for optical i use hat.

Have to try thx for the tip. i think i got SD card with some recent beta version, well somewhere hidden in my desk.

and i think it’s usb 2.0 only because of the full and high speed in the manual.
if you try a 3.xx don’t try the 3.080

Yes it’s USB 2.0, bandwidth of USB no matter was it 2.0 or 3.x is more than enought for lossless stereo audio.

Thx for the warning, i think i got version just before that one.

great there is a bug A bug in audio output pipe in the 3.080 it should be fixed in 3.081