How to control GPIO from Volumio (to write to pin, no read)

I need to control GPIO pins at my Raspberry in order to turn relay (and than my audio reciever) ON. I found a lot of tutorials how to read from pins (controling Volumio using switches), but not single one in oposite way. Thanks

You can take inspiration from tomatpasser work:


He’s using the on\off library :

What would you like to achieve?

Yeeh, thats correct, I know this plugin. I just need to write to GPIO (like “gpio write 2 0”) to turn my audio reciever on. Its switch is connected to relay. I will study existing plugin, maybe I will find way how to modify it. Thanks

Yes, the simpler thing is to edit curren GPIO plugin, to add such capability…
Let me know if you need help

It’s not for Volumio 2, but you can get inspiration from here: