How to connect ifi zen dac v2 to volumio

Can someone help?

I am trying to connect to ifi zen dac v2 to volumio. Because I want to stream to my raspberry pi 4. It appears that when I configure volumio to I2S dac there is no ifi zen dac in the list. I pick the generic I2S but when I stream to Spotify Connect on the pi I get no signal to the dac.

please advise.


Your dac is an usb dac, right?
So don’t enable i2s.
If it is known by the kernel as an usb dac, it should be available in the list.
If not, maybe it is unsupported…

it has an xmos usb interface, so the DAC is fully supported with a PI, incl. DSD direct.

thanks for the quick reply. yes it is a usb dac. good point. but when I disselect the I2S then I only have a choice of headphones of hdmi. the zen dac also supports headphones but it is connected to the pi via usb. when I select headphones, no list, and no difference in the dac. but when i select hdmi, no list, i notice that the dac lights up that it acquires a digital signal. but no sound.

advice is welcome

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Best thing to do now: boot your PI with the DAC connected and then create a system log.
Howto: Send a log
Please post the link to the log file here, I’ll take a look when it’s there.

Reason: when the DAC does not show in the Playback Options list, then it has not been recognized.
This can be because of a usb port problem, bad cable etc.
The iFi Zen V2 is being used by a number of other community members, so it is supposed to work. The log should give us more info.

Thank you very much for your help. My ifi zen dac is up and working.

what was the issue (for info, may help others), cable, usb port?


Because you mentioned to use the usb dac setting. I reset the pi to factory settings, reinstalled volumio with the zen dac attached. BUT this time I connected the dac to a different pair (one of two, there are four usb ports on the pi. Two blue (usb 3.0?) and two standard (usb 2.0?). And voila, upon configuring volumio the pi found the dac.

Thanks again!