How to clone audio to Alsa Loopback

Hi everyone, sorry for my bad english…
I’m working on a diy project and i’m approaching to develop with Alsa. I’m working on an old jukebox and i would like to use Volumio on a Raspi as a music server. I’d need to duplicate audio stream from my usbaudio to alsa loopback so i can process it with an external executable; i’m confident with C/C++ but not so smart with JS.
I tried with an handcrafted asoundrc file on my home but i think it doesn’t work. I’ve seen there is the new feature for audio routing in Volumio 3. Is there a boilerplate to create this virtual routing channel?

Sorry, thanks for you patience

Sure, here you will find info about it

Let us know how it goes


i’ve read about this new feature. I would like to use it but i don’t find enough documentation or examples to start using AAMPP. I could write my Alsa snippet for my porpouse but i don’t understand where Volumio sources and sinks audio inside the graph defined in the snippet.

Could you help me?

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I think i’ve solved…AAMPP is very powerful and flexible…with a little of testing i’ve understood how to use it. Next days i will post my contribution here, if someone needs it.

Yes please, we look forward to hear your feedbacks.
Also, if you can help us improve AAMPP documentation to make it easier for others, that would be very very welcome


Hello! I’m still working on my audio project.
I would ask which version of is needed to use in a plugin. I installed the latest version (4.4.x i think) but i cannot connect to volumio core…downgrading to 2.4.0 works fine (like in the fusion plugin for Volumio 3). There are some compatiblity issues between versions? i’ve seen something from 2.0 to 3.0

Thanks a lot