How to clear the queue after playing a track?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.773
Hardware: Pi 3B
DAC: Adafruit ADA1334A

Persistent Queue in playback options is OFF

I have a little problem that caused me an issue the other night that I cannot find a solution for…

I want to be able to have the queue clear after the track has been played. At first I thought it was the ‘persistent’ option but reading the help file this is reboot only.

  • I tried clicking the ‘bin’ icon before loading the queue but that did not help.
  • I tried clicking the bin after loading the queue and that really did not help :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.
  • I tried looking in the forums and found mention of ‘consume’ but the /dev page (or the iOS app) does not seem to contain any setting control for this.
  • I’ve tried a command line I found (mpc consume on) but though that reports it as being on to the console, the /dev page reports it still being off AND tracks remain in the queue.

Is it possible to have the tracks automatically removed (i.e. I’m thick and missing an option plainly visible) or not?

Threee bar symbol icon to the right of the player bar (with play/pause/etc and volume control bar)
That’s the queue, then rubbish bin icon at top right, Clear Queue

Thanks for the shortcut but it’s how I get into the queue and I know how to clear the whole queue in one - I want it to remove the track once it’s been played from the queue…

It’s the same as pressing the ‘x’ on the right side of the track to delete that one entry.

Ahhhh, yes, that sort of option is usually called “consume”, so as a track is played, it’s removed from the queue.

That matches with the command I issued in the first post.

Even with that set to ‘on’ and a reboot it does not work and the web page reports it off despite the mpc command saying it’s on!