How to add a fourth tab to Volumio

Volumio have 3 main tab Browse, Playback, Queue.

How to add another tab ?

I need to add a new tab to control to integrate Volumio with a DAC with different inputs, Spdif, Optical, USB, Volumio … in order to create a complete media player

new about ?

is possible ?

Coding way, not easiest though… You can tweak the code for the UI, but you’ll loose update.
Other way (easy) , using Myvolumio that gives you access to input of your dac, BT etc…

Everything is possible with time and effort :wink:

I’d suggest checkout the docs first ( and then digging into the plugin system - it should enable you to do what you desire!

Good luck :slight_smile:

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I found this site, maybe useful for you