How to activate Spotify connect2?

Hi, I’m new to Volumio and can’t find any way to make the Spotify connect2 plugin running after having logged in to Volumio on a Safari browser on a Mac. The plug-in is active under settings, and it does show up in my Spotify family account, but there is no place where to insert my Spotify user name/password in the Volumio under settings/installed plug-ins, and I guess that’s why the plug-in is not running on my okto dac8. I can stream from my phone, but that is a lower resolution. What am I missing? Can’t find any info in the community. Looking forward to some help!

Spotify Connect is to be used via the official Spotify app and its connect function.

If you are looking to use Spotify via the Volumio app/ui then you use the other Spotify plugin, there you login with your Spotify credentials.

In the Spotify Connect2 plugin settings, turn off Multi-User Device, then it will let you enter Username and Password.

Thanks a lot Metro, your advice solved the log-in problem (can someone add that info to the pop-up info?).

Next problem here is how I get the spotify connect2 running on the dac8? The Volumio app in the Safari browser shows that spotify is running at 44kHz/16bit, which I guess is to low when spotify is set to the highest resolution? On the right side it also says: “Zones and outputs This device”. Shouldn’t it say the dac8 instead, i e the volumio spotify connect2 installed on the raspberry pi? To stream over Airplay will restrict resolution and doesn’t use the dac’s higher rez.

Looking forward to amazing suggestions for solving this issue :slight_smile:

Spotify’s highest resolution is 320kbps Ogg Vorbis format, which is much lower than 44/16 and Airplay capability.

Have you tried the Spotify app instead of a browser? It shouldn’t matter, though. The only requirements are that Volumio and your phone or computer are connected to the same WiFi and you have a paid Spotify subscription.