How to access secure USB

Hello, I’m trying to use a USB drive that I have music stored on. The drive is password protected. Therefore, Volumio sees it but has no access to anything stored on it. Is there a way I can enter the password? BTW, this is on an RPi. On a desktop machine I use the SamsungPortableSSD app to unlock the drive. Thanks.

Cant help with the Pi but can you not permanently disable the password when connected to the desktop? If it only has music on it why does it need password protection?

You can’t open it as Samsung doesn’t support linux.

Samsung’s proprietary software appears to be only for encryption. You won’t be able to access any encrypted files on the drive from Linux since Samsung doesn’t support that.

Thank you.

it’s not only for music.

then use 1 only for music, unencrypted and your good to go.
use a 2nd one for your personal data.