How is the Volumio performing on the Pi Zero W

Hi all,

I like to build a small Networkstreamer for my Hifi Amplifier.
I decided to pick the Pi Zero W with a Hifiberry DAC.
I like to stream the Music (only MP3) from my Subsonic Server with the Volumio Plugin für Subsonic.

Has the Zero W enough power to work smoothly and without any problems?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

I have a Pi Zero W, with a cheap USB DAC. Works fine, with a few caveats:

  1. I think using a fast SD card (Class 3) helped. These are still only like $8.
  2. Indexing takes some time. Expect hours for a large library. I found a USB thumb drive works well, and didn’t have good performance keeping my library on the SD card. I haven’t tried out network drives.
  3. I’ve had one or two blips and crashes, though I’m still not sure the cause of those (may be plug-in issues). Overall pretty stable.
  4. Interface is fast enough, this is what I would have expected to be most problematic, but the zero seems to do fine.
  5. I’ve haven’t noticed any lags in music, whether local or streaming. From an audio standpoint it sounds great.

Thanks for your experience!

I think I will buy a Zero.


I use a zero W with both usb dac and Justboom digiboard for spdif, playing webradio and music from a server works fine. Slow but fine :slight_smile:
Have some problems with Spotify plugins lately though.