How I managed to install Volumio to Nokia G3 Booklet + NAS

I have downloaded, unzipped and tried to mount the Volumio. Img-file with:
Virtual Cd drive (Microsoft)
Virtual Clone Drive
ImgBurn to DVD burn software

All to no avail. Now, I would like someone to point out the errors of my way or to check the Zip download file for PC for me so I can get on with my life. Thanks.

I have been with Windows since Windows 95 and I have unzipped, burned and installed Windows and Mac OS X zillions of time,also from USB.


You will not be able to mount it, since its formatted in ext4 which windows cannot read.
What you should do is unzip the image, then write it to USB thumb drive with etcher

RTFM then.
Will follow the PC guide :open_mouth:
I just found it in the help section.

… and before writing it to the USB thumb drive, you could check the .img file for correctness with :wink: (the image MD5 hash is just below the DOWNLOAD link in the DOWNLOAD page).
– gpz500

I will try to use a live Ubuntu distro to boot the Nokia G3 with. Then try to trigger the Volumio img file on another USB drive. That was just a thought I got.

I am using the Etcher program now to transfer the unzipped file to a usb stick. Then I hope that I can boot it and follow the “cook book” for PC installation. :mrgreen:

I have managed to install Volumio 2 to a bootable usb stick. But I do something wrong when I follow the recipe in the Guide Section. I have two USB drives, one with Bootable Volunio 2 and one with an unzipped img.file of volumio. I will retire and get back to it in the morning with a fresh mind.

By the way> Volumio looks great on my little tablet. I managed to get a Network connection but failed to mount my Synology NAS. I am typing this through the Volumio 2 browser feature (via SHOP in settings).

Kind regards,

I now have a running version of Volumio 2 on my Nokia G3 Booklet. Now I just need to get my music library working. Hmm.

My Booklet only has wireless connectivity (and Bluetooth).

How do I see which Network my Booklet is connected to?
How do I make sure it does not connect to other networks in my house (I have two routers)?
How do i mount my Synology NAS and its “Musik” folder?
And is there still a 10.000 titles limit on library size? Then perhaps split up in two libraries … two shares?

These are the things I need to look imto now. Slowly but surely getting there.


Look under ‘Network’.

Just add the connection details for the network of interest.

Add a drive in ‘My Music’

I could be wrong, but I didn’t think this was a limitation.

P.S. Would you mind editing the OP title to better reflect the content of this thread please (to help others while searching)?


Just changed the title as my Volumio 2 player is now scanning my Synology NAS.

I turned off wireless on ONE of my two routers to avoid Volumio connection to “wrong network”
I had to enable NTF on my Synology NAS for the shared folder: /volume1/Musik - I used both the official Volumio guide and the Synology Guide.

Now Volumio2 is scanning my music folder and I am awaiting the EUREKA-moment when I can actually listen to music.

Thanks for the help here. Outstanding!


NAS share is not scanned.

In terminal I write:
mpc update
Volume n/a repeat: off random: off single: off consume:off

If I write:
mpc stats
Artists : 0
Albums: 0
Songs: 0


Any thoughts?

Does the UI indicate that the NAS is mounted ok (green tick under ‘Mounted’)? Can you see the tracks being added to the library (artists, albums, tracks numbers should be updated)?

Green tick OK
No albums artists

Nothing in browse folders

I have updated the nfs privileges to give Volumio complete access to all subfolders. I have rebooted both the NAS and Volumio.

I am looking further into this…

Ok. Finally Volumio is scanning my NAS music folder.

I deleted the share and then my NAS showed up in network drives. I selected it and the fun started.

Thanks - I am up to 252 artists / 186 albums / 2600 tracks.

Thanks for the help!

I am oficially a Sunday DIY’er - a fitting description.

So the scanning of my music folder stopped at: 499 artists / 378 Albums 5134 Tracks and a playtime of 331:51:54

I have a lot more music on my NAS - so what’s the matter?
I also see that when I reboot Volumio 2, - the database is empty.

So another fault finding mission on its way hmmm. I will take a look at read/write permissions first.

This did not yield anything: the database update stops bang at the same point again.

You could try look at ‘/var/logs/volumio.log’ from the command line for errors at the time the scan stopped. Alternatively, start Volumio scanning, and follow the system messages by typing ‘sudo journalctl -f’ until the scan stops. (Press CTRL-ALT-F1 to get to command prompt)

Hi again.

I removed corrupt files in my muic folder that JRIver had marked as faulty (100 mp3 + jpg + flac ), and then Volumio kept on going past 499 artists and is now up to 2034 artists and still counting.

So … now I have to look at the sound card choice. Last night I played back FLAC files through Volumio2:

Volumio on Nokia —> Nuforce U192S converter —> Audio Note Dac 3 (limited to 24/96)

It played back 16/41 very nicely with good transparency,
However, 24/88 + 24/96 were crackly and a bit distorted.

I wonder if that is

  • a wireless bandwidth issue
  • a limitation of the Nokia G3 Booklet
  • a power issue with the Nuforce (I will try to power it externally by way of a Paul Pang usb power cable)

Once Volumio has scanned my music folder completely, I will try the internal sound card to see if that has issues with hi res files.