How does Volumio use tags?

[Last edit: the below might be a Linux/Windows issue (some uf the genres that come up are old ones I have had but have removed) not a Volumio issue …]


I have just managed to get Volumio up and running on a PC (via USB). I do very much like how Volumio plays music, it’s different and maybe better than on a Windows + JRiver platform.

However, I have some questions about how the music files (on USB) and the software interact.

!) I’m puzzled by how the Music Library from the attached USB drive is presented. I have a very careful way of tagging music. When using JRiver player all is presented by the tagged genres and I can from there choose (after changing some settings) to see Genre > Artists, Genre > Album, and Genre > Composer. When I open the Genre view in Volumio the music is shown with genres I haven’t tagged them with and it’s very difficult to find what I’m looking for. Doesn’t Volumio show the genres after the tags in the files? Does it get them from somewhere else?

Example: the first genre that appears in Volumio is Acapella (or A capella). I have no such genre. The tracks shown under this genre are all from Gary Clark Jr’s EP The Bright Lights (Volumio does not show the album, just the tracks). If I choose one track and check its tags in JRiver, “Acapella” is nowhere to be found among all tags, nor is there any such tag if I look in the file properties. Where does Volumio get the genre Acapella from, and why does it categorize this particular record as “Acapella” (it is not even a capella)? Can anyone from Volumio (or this community) chip in and point me in the right direction?

  1. Most, if not all, of my albums have the cover art in their WAV/Aiff files, but no cover art shows up in Volmio. I first started with the setting showing web album art but that didn’t work, so I changed to “Off” and recached but the album covers still don’t show up (there is no problem in JRiver, meaning the cover pictures do show up and are supposedly in the files).

Example: the album above has its cover “in the file” (in file properties/tags) but the cover doesn’t show up, even after updating/rescanning. Same here, anyone on the Volumio team (or in this community) that can point me in the right direction?

  1. When i choose an album in the album view, Volumio does not play it from start but from a random track. Why is that? (i have “Show track” enabled)

Sorry for all these questions but since the player sounds so good, I would like to use it. But I can’t if there is no possibility to control the music library after one’s own tags and if album covers don’t show up.