How does Volumio read a music library


I have a collection of music that I collected over the years and I noticed that around 200 of 1500 albums are not showing up. One group of albums I downloaded via Qobuz (high res Flac files) and they come in one single folder with artist and album name as folder name and tracks within this folder. Some of those albums I cannot see
For one album I changed it… main folder with artist, a subfolder with Album name and at least this one did show up after a search, but does not play

Is there any information about the way Volumio reads the library?

I know some programs ( like the one form Aurelic) read the metadata and if they cannot detect anything useful, they look for folder and subfolder. It’s a tricky problem, I know…but it would be really useful to know the strategy of Volumio, so I can adapt the database. Or maybe there is a program existing that can read the drive and tell me, what files or albums cannot be identified, so it’s easier to correct.

It would be also helpful for me already if I could access the folders on my disk.

Thanks for help.

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Volumio uses MPD for the library, not sure how it handles missing metadata - could not find that right away.

To verify the metadata of your library, I would suggest building an offline library that can handle large FLAC libraries. I for example use MediaMonkey to maintain my ~10,000 track library (mostly flac), which is then synchronised to my NAS for Volumio and simultaneous backup. MediaMonkey has the option to view all files with missing metadata, update metadata for an entire album from online sources like Discogs or Amazon, and the paid version allows to organise your files based on metadata.