How does this compare with some high end streamers

How does this compare with some high end streamers in sound.? Like Auralic, INNUOS - ZENith, and B2 by Brennan.

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You should provide a bit of details in your question.
Volumio plays bit perfect. the quality is defined by your complete setup, like:
Used board, power supply, DAC,… (left amplifier and speakers out of the equation)

For example,look at Volumio’s own system:

3rd party running on Volumio:

2 systems, Volumio based with EISA awards


A high end streamer just looks smarter! It may also have a more comprehensive range of sources already programmed in (more radio channels etc). It may also generate a little less digital noise on its USB socket than a raspberry pi. This noise aspect would only be audible/measurable if you were to buy a really cheap DAC though (think here less than £100). With a reasonable USB DAC the sound from a RPI4 streamer and an expensive audiophile streamer will be absolutely identical. Spend the money saved on good loudspeakers and some more music!

So you are suggesting i should buy both the Primo and box S2 Ultra?
My setup will be a Yamaha AV which i currently have and is the top of the range with a pair of Focal speakers, I would be connecting a HD to the Primo for storage and ripping of my music collection.

Thank you for your reply and input it was most helpful.

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The main question you had was on quality differences between the high-end and solutions like this.
I gave a few examples of systems that have rPi or tinkerboard with an added DAC and Volumio. Both received awards for their quality on output.
Just to show that solution like this, can match up to the high end.
It is always possible that the expensive High-end might sound “better” or vice versa. But that is a personal choice.

But if you want a pre-built, there are some options to choose from. You only need one of them. not both.

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I’m using an old, converted, fanless desktop PC with Volumio. Running the USB output through an Oehlbach XXL Masterclock regen unit into a Denafrips Ares II DAC.

Total cost of this setup is about 1000 euro (excluding cables). I would happily put this up against a ‘name’ streamer costing 5 or 10 times as much.

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It’s basically down to the DAC.
Or another words… how well does it convert the data to actual audio.

High end streamers usually have a better DAC.