How do I use Volumio? I need more details.

I have a PC in my bedroom. I want to play music in my living room (via wifi) that’s stored on the PC in the bedroom. I plan to order a Raspberry Pi, a DAC/amp combo, and a set of speakers for the living room. This is the DAC/Amp I plan to order: … ds=topping

It appears to me that Volumio will probably enable me to do this, but I’m really not sure. Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to find detailed instructions, screen-shots, tutorials, etc. For example, I don’t know how to use Volumio to stream music from my PC to the Raspberry Pi. What do I see on my PC? Do I control the volume via my PC? Can I set up play-lists to stream to my RP? Will the music play through my PC speakers too, so that I can’t use my PC speakers for other things while streaming music to my RP? There are just so many unanswered questions.

I’m reluctant to order ~$200 in parts without knowing what I’ll have when I’m done. Can someone explain how Volumio accesses my music collection on my PC, how I control it from my PC, etc? All I can find on the website is this::

“You just connect it like you would do with a CD player, or a Music PC. Then discover your music, connecting an Hard Drive or trough your network. Then control music playback remotely. A Volumio powered device it’s not meant to be operated directly, but through clients, like your Smarthphone, Tablet or PC. There are plenty available. Or you can just use Volumio’s WebUI.”

This doesn’t explain HOW I operate Volumio from my PC? What do I need to install on my PC to operate Volumio? Can I just open Exaile or Rythmbox on my Ubuntu PC… will Volumio “see” those programs? I just need more details about how to use Volumio. Any help would be appreciated.

+1! I would love to see some screen shots or video’s of how the controls work.



Volumio can play songs from these:

  • CIFS/SMB filesystem (shared filesystems from Windows, Linux, Mac, NAS)
  • NFS filesystem (alternative for Samba which is working mainly on Linux, NAS)
  • WebRadio - if you create a right playlist, it will play it also :slight_smile:
  • AirPlay - if you have some software on your Linux / Windows, you can use your sound from Linux / Windows and play it thru wifi and thru Volumio to sound system.
  • RAMDisk - Volumio have 256MB of memory added as RAMDisk, so you can upload files there and play it from there…

You can check these videos, they are about RaspyFi (former Volumio project).

How to disable

  • the sharing of the ramdisk
  • the ramdisk altogether