How do I select a single album?

Hi, I’ve eventually got Volumio working on my Raspberry Pi, having got help from someone on the Rune Audio forum. I’m still unable to connect by CIFS/SMB, but am connected by NFS to my iMac.

Now that I can use it, I want to know how I select and play a single album through the WebUI. Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t see how to do it. Basically I want the equivalent of selecting a CD or LP from the shelf to play.


Should just be a matter of clicking the ‘action’ button on the right of the screen, by each album name. You can select ‘add and play’, which will set the album playing, and play through it.

Thanks. Does this mean it will add an album over and over again to an ever growing playlist?

Well, another option on the ‘Actions’ button is ‘Add, replace and play’. I’ve not tried this myself, but at a guess that might replace an album that you have previously selected as ‘Add and play’. Not sure. A litttle experimentation should tell you.

I think I prefer the MPoD and MPaD apps to the Volumio UI for managing playback, but as you say a little experimentation is needed.