How do I see my account and billing info?

I have an older Virtuoso account.

I tried to see my billing info, logged in to, and nothing about billing.

when I try to contact Volumio, that appears only for Premium customers, my password doesn’t work and the the reset sends no emails.

I searched for billing emails from Volumio and nothing.

@DED could you pick this up.


I would like to know what I am being charged yearly at least. seems fair.

no email address to contact, only a login that doesn’t work for me.

Try or

it’s Davide from customer service

Here as follow our Contact Us page
Please raise a ticket from there, I will be happy to assist you further

Thank you

contact page doesn’t work my Virtuoso account is not recognized bounces

I’m done…

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e-mail addresses is, not .com

@ded @volumio

It does not seem clear for (us) users what to do when they reach the page to create a ticket on your support page, in the past you could chose if you needed technical support, account support.

Now you are confronted with a login page where it is not clear if you should use your my volumio account or if you are supposed to create a user on the support page.

Above you have @uncletim who now is a rather unhappy customer

I have an account or I would not be able to register the software or login to the forum, doesn’t work on the Help Center page. when I request a new password I get no email.

just a music lover, this has become too complicated

You are absolutely right guys, this is not how it should be.

@uncletim we will get in touch directly with you via email

@Wolfman74 thanks, we are taking prompt action, something might have been misconfigured on Jira service side.

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Sorry for the inconvenience!
Our help desk page had temporary tech issues, now they’re solved

I will contact you via private message in order to solve as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience

Thanks guys for your patience.

Issue solved as @DED wrote

I received no private message