How do I install squeezelite on my RPI 3B+

I have a RPI 3B+ with a PiDesign 502DAC hat.
How do i install Squeezelite.
I plan to use Spotify and Squeezelite.

I can do a ssh and if someone can please send me instructions on getting this done.

Then why not install piCorePlayer, which incorporates Squeezelite and more plugins that you can shake a stick at…

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On the one hand I agree, on the other hand people can have a preference for certain LMS functionality and the quality player that Volumio is. If you can have best of both worlds… why not :wink:

It comes with some hassle yes, but that struggle might even be part of fun when it all works :smile:

Can you please publish the instructions to install Squeezelite please on Volumio 3


  1. Download the plugin to your Volumio device
  2. Enter the directory of the downloaded plugin
  3. Make sure if you used zip-files, to delete them
  4. Execute volumio plugin install from within the directory

hi saiyato.
i can’t setup scrobbler on my RPI 3B+. what could be the problem?

That really depends, what did you do exactly (step by step)?

hi again.

i’ve done it, no problem. but loading stucked at 10%, aprox. 10-12 mins. after then complated. wierd…

thank you mate. cause i was looking forward to this plugin.

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Did you change the default password?

me? i did mate. it’s ok. nicely working.

Because it prevents from installing plugin…

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first of all thank you for all you guys for the nice work on Volumio and surroundings.

As of today I still can’t find a suitable pluging for Squeezlite in Volumio. So I can see and let work the LMS instance, but I can’t use Volumio as sound destination.

I have to admit to be a complete newbie when it comes to command line things.
A while ago you helped me in installing the new LMS version on Volumio 2. It was a step by step instructions and with those i could easily accomplish the task.
So, would you be so kind to enhance the four steps you mentioned for the super dummies like me?
Thanks a lot!

Ciao Alessandro @capstan62,
Anche io sarei eventualmente interessato…
Posso chiederti come “connetteresti” i tuoi files musicali?
HD USB o NAS o “altro”?
Grazie in anticipo.

Hi Ornito,

I am replying in english for the benefit of the community. Sorry if his is bit OT…

I have a local storage (USB drive) where I have stored all my CD library digitized as FLAC/ALAC.
Also, I have a subscription to Qobuz with a number of preferred discs already selected.

In effect, the beauty of LMS is the ability to merge local library with “remote” libraries (e.g. Qobuz, Tidal) and this makes access to your fav music really handy, especially in connection to random play. This is a feature I would like to see implemented in Volumio and possibly the single reason I still prefer LMS when it comes to music management.
The fact that you have LMS embedded in same volumio instance allows you to enjoy best of both worlds.
In the very moment I will be able to install Squeezlite pluging in my RPi4 Volumio I will be super happy…


Thank you.:blush:

I haven’t tried Volumio 3.3 yet but can anyone confirm that Spotify and Squeezelite (LMS) can now work together ?

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any update @Saiyato

I really like the piCorePlayer but my spoitfy through Squeezeserver plays only 1 track and stops. No idea why…
Has anyone else faced that with piCorePlayer

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Are you on the correct forum to ask question over piCorePlayer, or are you talking about the Squeezelite plugin?

The given info in your posting is very limited.
I have LMS manually installed on my Volumio device, not using the plugin.
If i play Spotify and stream over uPnP to a different Volumio device, the track will stop about 10 seconds before it’s ending and keep bouncing back and forward over these last 10 seconds.
If I install the Squeezelite MC plugin, all works flawless. (Hence the plugin)
(I did add my clientID for Spotify as mention by @michel8166 )