How do I get Multi-Room sync audio working?


I am working on building my home audio system and would like to use Volumio2 since it is so user friendly and has a nice interface. After installing the latest version on a Raspberry pi 1 and 2, I am now trying to get the multi-room audio part to work. Is it possible to have Volumio use multi-room audio? So far I have only been trying with Spotify.

Also, Volumio is based on mpd, correct? Only reason I ask is for Home Automation system integration.


MPD is used by Volumio; for instance I have done some configuration work with mpd.conf to make it to work with an equalizer.

There appears to be an Android app called sound@home which has multiroom capability: It seems rather old; don’t know if it is actively maintained or supported by the newest Volumio version.

I am also interested in getting multiroom capability, but I don’t use Android and would want a web UI.

Let us know about your progress with this.

Hi sparky,

Not sure if this will work for your setup, but have you looked at snapcast ( It’s a two part solution. You install Snapserver on the mopidy/MPD enabled box you want to have audio synced to your other boxes running snapclient. As long as you specify what stream snapserver uses, you should be ok. Depending on what program you are integrating this with, you can also run multiple instances of your music streaming app (ex mopidy) so that one instance streams to Snapserver while the other goes through your existing sound system.

I haven’t tried this with Volumio yet, as one thing I was trying to do is run the server on the same machine as one of my individual system, but Volumio only allows one instance to run. So, for fun and to experiment I tried using Mopidy and have gotten the multiroom audio working with Spotify no problem; haven’t tried running multiple instances yet though.

You can read a bit more on it here too. … -snapcast/

This seems really interesting. I’ll definitely look more into it when I get the time.

If you can get this to work with Volumio, it would be great if you could post some instructions here.

Hi Sparky,

It’s actually pretty easy. Since you have already modified the mpd.conf file, this should be easy for you.

Just keep in mind, if you make any changes via the Volumio webui; you will overwrite your sound out settings.

And if Volumio could be installed as a .deb or other package, I would but all I can find is the images now. I swore at one time it was downloadable/installable…

And so far the only issue I am running into deep with is the local instance of Mopidy. As soon as I want to run the local instance after using the multi-room, snapserver doesn’t release my sound card and mopidy can’t access it. Still looking into this.

The idea of synced multi-room audio for a ‘smoother’ experience when going from one room into the next, is an interesting one. If Volumio would get build-in support for this, it would be something that makes it quite unique.

How to design this, is a challenge. At the end it is all about having each room do the same D/A conversion exactly at the same time.

A master/slave capable MPD?

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