How can non-developers contribute?

I’m a 14 year software vet, but primarily in QA and program/project management. Love specs, love requirements, love talking to users, love block diagrams and architecture, not terribly useful in nuts-and-bolts code.

I’m also a jazz/rock/blues singer, have done a handful of studio recorded CDs, a bit of touring, won a few competitions. Love music, and the world of audiophiles slowly moving from hardware into software, with active crossovers and driver linearization and FIR filters and DRC. Love what Volumio is trying to do.

So, how can I help contribute to Volumio?

[size=150]Everyone can contribute Volumio![/size]
For instance I’m not a developer just an enthusiast who started to answer all kinds of Volumio related questions. After a while Michelangelo contacted me and asked if i would want to be a moderator (being active and proactive). And I’m still hanging around and when I have spare time I’m browsing through the active topics here and see who i can help or what new projects are started.

Even just sharing and showing of a project counts as contributing. Show what fun, useful or “just beacause I can” project done. This can inspires more people to play around with volumio and discover new projects to do. It would even be better if you would share a how-to guide you contribute even more.

You could also start playing around with Volumio 2 and see what you might find that can be done different / better. Help troubleshooting the beta release.

There are numerous way’s to contribute. and if you can’t find any thing you would like to do you could always donate

[size=85]( :laughing: I almost read you’re a 14 year old and already a veteran :laughing: )[/size]

Totally agree with MobeyDuck, and also you came in a very “exciting” moment, since we’re shaping the next Volumio2… So you can try the releases as they go out and test, give feedbacks, suggestions and so on…
And since you’re a vet coder, also a review on the codebase (to make more efficient or better) is highly welcome…
Or, also, suggest new topics, new scenarios or what comes to your mind to make this place a better one!
So welcome!

Not a great coder (it’s been years), but I have been devouring documentation and scenarios for the project.

My current project is using a couple of DIY kit speakers and converting them to bi-amp/active. Goal is to see how far I can get in sound quality using relatively inexpensive hardware coupled with free software and elbow grease.

Most of my career has been drafting specs, scenarios, and documentation, so I may be most valuable in that way at first. I’ll also beta test and give UI and usability feedback on the new build.

Your offer is super appreciated. We desperately need to get better documentation and integrate what’s in the wiki here:

Also, feedbacks on usability are really really useful, since we’re going trough a major UI redesign…

Looking forward to hear what you think!