How can I read and play M3U playlists?

I set up my Volumio Raspberry Pi system today with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro sending audio via digital coax to my amplifier.

I have a micro-SD card from my portable music player that has all of my music files and two large M3U playlists.

Whilst I’m generally very impressed with Volumio, I am quite disappointed that it can’t read simple M3U playlists. It’s the only audio software that I’ve used that cannot import M3U playlists.

Is there any way to import M3U playlists or convert them to whatever format Volumio requires?

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Okay, so reading around it seems that Volumio cannot import M3U playlists at the moment. I’ve figured out how to create a playlist manually in Volumio now, but it’s going to be a very time-consuming task to recreate a couple of playlists with 1000+ songs in each one.

Does anyone know of a way to read an M3U playlist and generate a playlist in Volumio format? I can figure out how to get it into the correct directory on the Volumio device. My issue is that I don’t know the format of a Volumio playlist.

I have the same question. So far, I have not found an answer. Are there any suggestions?

I’ve written a Python script that is almost working now! See my other threads in this section about the locale issue. I think I’ve fixed that too now.

My final issue is having double-quote characters in the URI (filename) of the song. Unfortunately, the Volumio playlist format requires everything to be enclosed in double-quotes. Thus, if a song contains double-quotes in its filename (URI) then that creates unbalanced double-quotes in the resulting Volumio playlist file.

I am very close and I wish there was more help available in these forums! I think I am 90% complete on my Python script now. I just need to deal with a couple of special characters in my source M3U playlist file. Of course, I can just delete those songs from my M3U file but I want things to work perfectly in all scenarios.

The real question is “why doesn’t Volumio support common playlist formats such as M3U?”

A proprietary format is just wrong.