How can I make my Pen Drive writeable?

On my RPi3B running Volumio 444, I have installed two pen drives containing my music. To one of the drives, I can add / delete folders and songs from my Windows PC as they show up on the network. The other drive shows up on the Windows network, but I cannot create a new folder or add / delete songs in any folder on this pen drive.

I connected to Volumio on SSH.
I used su to get root privileges. The whoami says root
In the /media folder there are two pen-drives which show up as two directories. ls -al yields

drwxrwxrwx 92 volumio volumio PD1
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root PD2

I used chmod -R 777 PD2 but it says “Operation not permitted”.
I tried chgrp volumio PD2 but it says the same thing.

What should I do?

Sorry, I need to correct myself.

I used chmod 777 PD2 but it executed but there was no change
I used chown -R volumio PD2 but it said “Operation not permitted”
I tried chgrp volumio PD2 but it says the same thing as above.

I feel that since the owner of PD2 is root, it is not allowing Volumio to make changes to the folder. I need to either change owner or give write permissions to everyone.

Please help.

For root privileges, use sudo.

sudo chown -R volumio PD2

Password volumio

I tried that, but I am getting “Operation not permitted”. Is it so because “volumio” is not part of group “root”?

Does it have something to do in the way the drive has been mounted on volumio system?

What filesystem has the problem drive been formatted with? If it’s exfat for example, you would need additional drivers to write to it.

Yes, indeed the formatting is exFAT. Where can I get the drivers required for it, and how do I install them?

You’ll have to Google Raspbian sites for it. Far easier just to use a different file format such as ext4 (if you only use it with Linux) or NTFS (I think the drivers are included by default in Raspbian now), or even fat32.

Well, I took the simpler route.
My pendrive was a 64GB which accepted only exFAT/NTFS formatting. I tried NTFS formatting but the RPi wouldnt write to it through the network, and would give sporadic data failure report.

Then I partitioned it into two drives and formatted each partition as FAT.
Raspbian understands FAT very well, so all the problems I was having, got sorted out !!

Thanks for all your help guys !!