Hey Guys, quick question: I am running three Raspberry Pi’s with a volumio install each. Each is playing a radio station form a service called which provides many different, ad-free music stations as a paid service. all is going well but after about 3 or 4 days after rebooting the Pi’s, the music just stops and in order to restart the music I have to reboot the PI`s. Each Pi as a unique fixed IP, the connection is a plug-in which works just great. So either I will need to “reboot” the pi’s automatically every x hours and have a program to automatically “push” the play button to automatize the whole process or avoid the connection to drop.

My network is certainly not the issue, there are no random disconnects from the internet that would explain this.
Any ideas?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.909>
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
DAC: USB to Jack Adapter, some generic thing

As a first step, i’d recommend you to look into the logs to figure out what is causing said issues.
It’s always better to treat the cause rather than fix symptoms… :wink:

But yes, what you are asking for is a quick fix script that acts like a watchdog, and restarts things on a connection drop. If I am not mistaken there is one already floating around these forums…

Hi there and sorry for only answering the post so late. We are glad you like our service on Volumio! The issue you were reporting has now been solved on Volumio3! If you are still on Volumio2, please consider to upgrade.
Thank you,