Hiresaudio Integration

Hello, I saw Hiresaudio.com integration mentioned in the 2.632 changelog and saw it appear in my build when I upgraded.
First of all, I could not find a streaming site at that address ‘hiresaudio.com’ it just seems to be an advertising site.

There is a site ‘highresaudio.com’ that is a streaming service that offers high resolution streams and seemed to have a big library containing a lot of the type of music I like. I took advantage of their free 7 day subscription service expecting to be able to stream through my Digione sig using the new build of Volumio. However, when I tried to login on my @My Music’ page in Volumio it did not recognise my login details and simply remained blank. I then discovered that it seems that it is only available on the MyVolumio ‘Superstar’ plan while I only have the ‘Virtuoso’ plan. So that may be the reason I have not been able to take advantage of my 7 day trial .

Someone from Volumio please explain (1) whether ‘hiresaudio.com’ really exists as a streaming service or was this a typo and should really be ‘highresaudio.com’.

(2) Why are Tidal & Qobuz available on the ‘Virtuoso’ plan, but not Highresaudio?


p.s. I forgot to add that I noticed yesterday that hiresaudio.com has now disappeared as an option from my ‘MyMusic’ page.