HiRes with Quobuz


I have a Quobuz Studio Subscription that includes HiRes but I can´t get myvolumio to play the albums in HiRes. It´s always 44.1kHz 16bit althogh I´ve chosen Hires music in the playlist.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks for your help,

Hi All,

I´ve found the solution to the problem and it´s kind of funny…

Here it goes:
When I switch to “Highest Possible” in the Qobuz settings in MyVolumio I only get CD quality. However, when I switch to “FLAC HiRes 24bit up to 192kHz”, in the settings I get the high resolution files.

Do you notice a difference in sound?

Cheers, Ernst

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This thread solved my problem of only getting 16/44 in Volumio after subbing to myvolumio and Quobuz yesterday - thanks guys!