Highresaudio integration


I have a superstar subscription and have registered as a user with Highresaudio. I can login to the Highresaudio site -that works OK, but when I try to enter my (correct!) Highresaudio username and password on the Volumio Settings --> Sources page, I get a failure to login message.

Is there anything I should do differently here?


Hi, Highresaudio had an issue (for SSL certificate) last weekend, but they are solved now (I can login just fine).
I would suggest contacting them


What was your Solution to the ssl-issue we seem to share?
Ever since the lautest update, Highresaudio won‘t accept my valid Access User id and the proper Passcode Anynet more, which both work fine when I Access Highresaudio via Firefox…
Best regs.

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It was fixed on Highresaudio side, and now everything works

They might have fixed something, since i now get a different error-message: HighResAudio is still rejecting to connect and does not show the albums I purchased: All it does now is display the response-message “No_subscription” - without connecting…
Do I have to subcribe to Highresaudio’s streaming-service in order to play the albums I already bought from them? As far as I recall, in the past they offered at least die albums I bought - without a streaming-service-subscription… Is this now a prerequisite, leaving me without the chance to listen to the albums I bought from them?
Kind regs.

Well I am not using the highresaudio plugin. I have purchases at highresaudio with no subscription. I see them thru Audirvana with no problems. So it must be plugin-related.

The plugin works only for the streaming part…