HighPI case fan control RP4

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.915
Hardware: RP4
Highpi case with their fan installed
How can you control the fan start and stop based on the RP4 temperature

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Searching for “Highpi case” i only find one without fan…

Could you provide a link or picture of the case you mean ?
Often, there is documentation from the case manufacturer.


Case HighPi Pro Case for IQAudio DAC+/DAC Pro and Raspberry Pi 4 | The Pi Hut

Fan HighPi Pro 5V Fan - Software-Controlled | The Pi Hut


you can run the update but never run the upgrade this will break volumio.
this can work on a recent version of Raspberry Pi OS

Does running update enable the fan as it would if I set it to “Enable” in the Raspberry Pi Configuration GUI? My fan is connected to the default fan GPIO (14), so if Update enables it, I would expect it to then power on/off according to the default “Fan Temperature” (which I think is 80c).


if the high pitch sound of the fan is irritating, you could try to run it on 3,3 volts instead of the 5volts.

you could put this in /boot/config.txt but this will not preserved it. To make it permanent custom settings need to be added to /boot/userconfig.txt instead.

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Nailed it! Fan isn’t whining any more. I need to stress it a little to cycle it on and off, but it seems to be working. If the cycling becomes an issue, I’ll try running it on 3.3v as suggested. One change at a time. Thanks.

I should lower the value to 60000, as 85000 is a critical temperature for the rPi. With 80000 your already pretty close to it.