Hifyberry dac+ pro no sound

Hi, Used the latest V-build on a PI4/4GB with a HifiBerry DAC+ PRO (Both brand new/latest build) an I cannot get the sound to work. (I tried HifiBerryOS on another SD cards, and all works as expected) Any idea what happens. I can find a lot of similar issues, but no solution.

I can’t offer a solution, but maybe a little hope.
I am using that exact combination and it has been very stable.
Maybe one of the veterans here will be able to help you spot the problem.
The HifiBerry DAC+ Pro with a Pi4/4GB should work fine.

One note- at first it ran pretty hot so I had a fan wired to the 5V out on the DAC.
When I updated the firmware on the Pi it cooled down enough I’m comfortable running without the fan. I do have it in a heatsink case. Heat sink case.
I had to modify it a little to fit the RCA outs of the DAC.

Best of luck. You should be fine.