I’m happy that Volumio now has integrated support for our HiFiBerry DAC ( hifiberry.com ). I know of several people (including myself) that use the Volumio + HiFiBerry DAC setup and are happy with it :slight_smile:

Yep! Pi + Volumio + Hifiberry really a great bang for the buck combo!

Here’s one happy camper! Thank you both!

An other VERY HAPPY user of this one here !

I received my hifiberry last week , put it together and using Beta1PI. After discovering 1.1 wasn working.
I believe Michelangelo is already working on that.

Thank you both Michelangelo and Daniel?

Volumio is probably replacing my squeezebox , as i am very impressed with it.
Using MPdroid on android with it.
It can even play my sky.fm streams (as subscriber), wonderfull…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello, is possible to play HD tracks (24/96) with HifiBerry, without problems?
I noticed several issues with my Usb Dac HRT Music Streamer II.


Yep, with Hifiberry Hi-Fi tracks are played flawlessly…

Postman brought this today. Fitted it and edited the etc/modules and it works great. No plops, drops, glitches… .


Here is another happy hifiberry user.

Hi all,

great work of the volumio team, the HifiBerry works great at an early 2013 Raspberry.

Just one (self solved) issue:

I had to edit manually /etc/modules and changed/added :



Afterwords the DAC worked fine.

Did the same edit, thanks 2sheep!

Hi guys,

I am about to buy my hifiberry.
Last question before buying : What about volume control ?

EDIT : answer is no see crazy-audio.com/tag/volume-control/
They argue that digital volume control isn’t that bad… I’ll start with that and will see.