HiFiBerry Wireless RC

Hello, everyone,

I’m sorry for possibly duplicating the topic (I could’t find it in the forum, though), but does Volumio support the HiFiBerry’s Wireless Remote Control, please? (So, is it worth buying?)


Should work using tiggerhappy: https://community.volumio.com/t/keyboard-shortcuts-with-triggerhappy/4826/14

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Hi, @gvolt ,

THANKS a lot for the good news!

And how would it get installed, please? :thinking:

SORRY, amateur asking. :blush:

  1. Connect to Volumio via SSH.

  2. Open “/etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/audio.conf” with nano (editor):

sudo nano /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/audio.conf

Edit the content as described by @adaptiman here.

To exit nano and save the file hit Ctrl+x then y and Enter.

  1. Restart triggerhappy.service executing

systemctl restart triggerhappy.service

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THANK YOU very much for the Step-by-Step guide! Much appreciated by an IT-layman. :wink:

I’ll try it soon, I hope. :speaker:

All the best! :+1: