Hifiberry Digi+ Pro?

does the latest Volumio release 1.118 support Hifiberry Digi+ Pro?

I have tried the fresh Volumio install (downloaded latest version 1.118) and there is no sound :frowning: I have tried Digi+ Pro with Moodeaudio and here it works fine.

I have the same problem!
Is there anybody out there? :smiley: :smiley:


Its annoying have moved across to moodeaudio which supports the card until volumio update the kernal

We are doing some important rework to Volumio OTA updater, that will allow us to update the kernel.
Until we finish it, we won’t update Volumio’s kernel, therefore no support for Digi+ Pro.
Doing a balance beetween asking anybody to reflash their volumio and making Digi + pro users happy, I choose the first one.

We are about 75% completition of the kernel OTA updater, so be patient a little more.

Thank you Michelangelo,


Hello Volumio,

i was wondering if someone could give an estimation when the digi+pro will be supported ?
Or is there an alternative way to get it working with volumio ?

Kind regards, DjKolk

Hi, there is no estimation available as far as I know but most importantly, the support of the Digi+ Pro is dependant on the kernel update in Volumio. A lot of work is being done to give Volumio the ability to get kernel updates via an update mechanism instead of having to reflash for each update. The kernel version needed to support the Digi+ Pro is waiting for this update mechanism to be in place.

Just be patience and it will come :slight_smile:

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I know the answer will likely just be “patience,” but I saw that volumio has had a few updates in the last month, so I wanted to check to see if it was working with the DIGI+ Pro now… thanks.

Nope not working yet.

The DIgi+ Pro has a problem with just about every current Rpi music software/os.

Even though I have a digi+ pro myself I really can’t see the benefit ‘long term’ to keep spending so much time and effort to make sure this one product is supported.

I think this job falls in HiFiBerrys lap, to make sure their product works with new kernels.

This information is incorrect. The HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro works with all Raspberry Pi Linux kernels since August last year. There was never a problem that the hardware was not working with newer kernels. Every audio software that is using a kernel younger than this will work fine with the Digi+ Pro.

Yes, digi+ pro works well with younger kernel. Now I use max2play with Spotify connect, its amazing.

There is a speciall Volumio build available with a newer kernel especially for the Digi+ Pro and the DigiOne. Look for that thread.

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Hifiberry digi+pro works very well with new kernel, sound amazing ( e.g. max2play recognize it perfecly).

So Volumio should update kernel…

Install Raspian Lite from HifiBerry modified for Digi
Install a Gui according to this
raspberrypi.org/forums/view … 6&t=133691
Install VLC

and you’ll get this
support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/ … o-with-vlc

But it’s not Volumio!


From Volumio version 2.246 (31-07-2017) the kernel is updated to version 4.9.36.
Installed the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro without any problems!

Should be no problem to use the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro after volumio version 2.246!

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Exactly the Digi+ Pro works like a charm in latest release.
Just connect it, turn Volumio on, (do not enable i2s and select it from output device … voila!

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I installed volumio yesterday for the first time and it works like charm. Thanks to the volumio team!

The HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro is connected to an external DAC and I wonder if there’s a possibility to control the volume. Volume Options/Mixer Type only offers Software/None.

(Just for curiosity: why to turn I2S DAC off? What is it for?)

is it plug and play with latest version volumio-2.246-2017-07-31-pi.img? Do I need to modify /boot/config.txt?

Choosing software volume control you can change volume via the web GUI. Concerning sound quality it would be better though to use your dac‘s hardware volume controls (if it has a volume knob or something). Software volume control decreases the dynamic range of the audio stream - not bit perfect anymore.

Hardware volume control is indeed much prefered over software control AND a lot of device like the HFB Pro+ support this using the I2C pins with correct driver support. So you don’t need a real volume knop, but the Volumio volume control actually controls the volume settings of the driver which uses the I2C pins. The hardware than uses its capabilities to adjust the volume. A lot of DAC chips have facilities for this implemented in the D/A conversion proces.

So if possible, stay away from software based volume control to achieve the best audio results.

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