HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro settings on Volumio

Good day.

I trust that all is well and wishing you the best from South Africa.

I recently bought a HifiBerry DAC2 Pro for use on my Raspberry Pi 4, with Volumio installed.

I am really struggling to find a setting that will allow audio to passthrough the dac.

Is there anybody that can assist me please?

Kind Regards;

Hello @Martin_D. I have exactly the same DAC. Set I2S DAC to ‘on’ and select “HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro” as the DAC model and everything will be fine. Enjoy Volumio!

Thank you so so much… It worked after a full unplug reboot!

I really enjoy Volumio but it’s been months of struggling to get the dac to work!

Kind regards,

Great that it’s working now. Enjoy!