Hifiberry Dac2 HD

Newly here, looking for a Dac that’s compatible and therefore easy to configure in Volumio.
Is the Hifiberry Dac2 HD such a device.

I’m fairly new, too. I have a an Pi4 with a HifiBerry DAC2 HD. It was easy to configure and I’ve had no issues with the combination of HW and Volumio.

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Thank you that’s just the sort of reply I was looking for, and the combination I am looking to put together.
Thanks keep well.

With the HifiBerry DAC2 HD I have strange and relatively loud cracking noises when switching from track to track or from or to radio stations.
With the Allo BOSS DAC, I usually don’t have this, and when it does, only quietly.

That’s interesting not heard of that before.
Thanks for the info.

@ rost21A I’ve tried switching tracks (from a NAS music library) and to and from radio stations. I have not heard any noise during the changeover. I’ve got a Pi4/HB Dac2 HD connected to a whole house audio switch/preamp/amp combo via a short (2ft) RCA audio cable. I’m controlling Volumio via its web server over a hardwired connection. What is your setup? I’m interested in understanding what might cause the noise as I’m still developing my solution.

Hello nhh2oskr
Please excuse me, I did not make myself clear enough.
I use a RPI3 B + and the HB DAC2HD on a ClassD amp. (Hypex nCore400 and TPA3118)
The power supply on the Volumio is an IFI-Audio 5V.
The cracks perform via WiFi or LAN.
The connection to the amp is made via a relatively short 30 cm RCA cable.
I mostly play from Qobuz and radio. Sometimes NAS flacs too.
The cracks mostly occur when you switch from one album on NAS to another album on NAS. Or from an album from NAS to radio or Qobuz.
The cracks also appear when you change albums in Qobuz. So always when changing albums or changing the source. Most of the time, the crack doesn’t appear between tracks, that’s what I stated incorrectly.
There is no noise that I hear, there is always a crack and you sometimes get frightened by it …
The short break between playback seems to trigger a short crack.
In very rare cases I hear this with the Allo BOSS Dac, but then only very quietly.
The crack may come from Volumio, but the HB DAC2 HD is simply a lot louder.
I don’t think these cracks are unique to me.
In my opinion, the Allo BOSS Dac works much more smoothly and has a really good sound.

I have no issues with cracking sounds using the same hifiberry dac - pi4 with the standard pi power supply.

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Hi rost21A,
Thanks for the additional info about your config and when you hear the crack. I tried some more cases, like switching between albums and radio. I haven’t heard any cracks. I have no idea what is at the root of the sound.

I once made a little video with my cell phone.
The loud crack can be clearly heard here. It occurs most of the time, but not always …


I’ll take the share link away after a few days. :wink:
It doesn’t have to be available forever …

I have not heard anything like this, but its useful to know what the sound is.

The cracks are due to an power supply problem and/or timing issue on the digital input.

My initial Volumio config was a Pi4 using the USB output to the DAC in my Audiolab 8200CDQ. This suffered from the cracks, so I got an Allo Digione Signature which has the advantage of having dirty side and clean side DC power inputs (i.e. two). With an Allo Nivana clean power supply, this sounds great! No cracks and pure clean sound.

John Darko has a great video on this A short film about the ALLO DigiOne Signature for Raspberry Pi | Darko.Audio

Also, a hat with an optical output will get rid of the cracks if they are caused by a dirty power supply.