Hifiberry dac zero and dac+0

Hello everyone, new to raspberry and audio.
I got a raspberry pi zero and a hifiberry DAC+ zero.

If I select the lattest (the correct one) I get no audio output at all (by the way, the volume bar is “slideable”).
If I select ‘DAC zero’ (without the “+”) I get audio, but I can’t control the volume - the bar is fixed at 100% volume.

How can I get around this?
For what it’s worth, with “moode” I can use the DAC and tune the volume via software, but I like volumio more thus I’d like to get it working on it.

Thank you for any help

Hi Fabio,
We are several users with the same situation : Hifiberry DAC+ Zero - #2 by chsims1
Did you manage to make it functional ?