HifiBerry DAC Plus ADC


In Volumio software I see multiple options for the dacs.
What is the difference between selecting HifiBerry DAC Plus ADC vs HifiBerry DAC Plus?
What does ADC mean? (analog-digital converter? Why duplicating?)

2 different boards;

HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC has both stereo in- and output
hifiberry.com/shop/boards/h … y-dac-adc/

HifiBerry DAC+ stereo output only

Ahh, thank you. Got mixed up since I have the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro and could not find the entry within the list. I guess all of the three versions should use the Hifiberry Dac Plus configuration?

  • Hifiberry Dac+ light
  • Hifiberry Dac+ standard
  • Hifiberry Dac+ pro
  • Hifiberry Dac+ zero