HifiBerry DAC + Issues

I recently purchased and installed a Volumio Primo in my office system. So far it seems to be working well, so I decided to give Volumio a go in my bedroom HifiBerry DAC+ system that I have been running the last few years with Runeaudio. Unfortunately, I encountered several problems that I couldn’t figure out how to resolve, so I have gone back to Runeaudio.

  1. I could not get any internet radio working using Volumio. I just got the decoding error message. There are many threads on this issue in the forums, but no definitive solution. This is very frustrating because I never had this issue using the same hardware with Runeaudio. Even selecting recommended radio stations through the Volumio’s radio interface didn’t work. No radio at all, just the stream decoding error message.

  2. Volumio did not show my album artwork which is embedded in the ID3 tags in my music files. For me, this is a huge issue. I have around 10,000 albums, the majority of which are transfers from vinyl and in the album name I have listed also the pressing information. Because of this, the web based album cover function does not work because the album name does not match. Take for example, the Beatles Abbey Road album. I have many versions of this album and I have them tagged in this format: Abbey Road [vinyl - uk mono 1st pressing]. The software is not pulling in any artwork , despite the fact that my ID3 tags already have the artwork embedded. It is not really viable to go and manually add jpeg album cover artwork in each albums folder,because my library is huge (6+ TB). Why can’t the software just pull in the artwork for the ID3 tag like it does with all the other ID3 data?