HifiBerry DAC+DSP no Sound

I want to use a new HifiBerry DAC+DSP Board together with Volumio 2.457 and get no sound.
Right now I am usind the profile of the HifiBerry DAC but without luck.

Is there a way to change the DAC profiles to a DAC+DSP?

Thanks for Help :slight_smile:

Hi, lately we’re having lots of issues with Hifiberry products, I think the new kernel brought some differences which we should accomodate in Volumio…
I wrote to hifiberry to ask for help but so far they did not reply.
Maybe if you could ping them we could get this trough

if I use an older Version of Volumio? With an older kernel…?
Which one should work together with DAC+DSP?

Rather than regress to earlier versions that may or may not work, surely it would be better for everyone’s experience to get a dialogue going between Hifiberry and Volumio. There certainly has been an elevated number of problems posted in the last few months.

Ok, now it is running but if I activate the volume control by software I don’t here any sound and it also not starting the playback?