Hifiberry BEOCREATE running with Volumio

Hi Folks, did some one has experience with DAC
Hifiberry BEOCREATE running on Volumio 3 with Raspberry 4?
I would like to buy this board as it has DSP and therefore can Run 2.1

I have some experience with Sigma Studio due to projects with TinySign DSP and I think I can upload the DSP to EEPROM with HifiberryOS


As I am only a copy paste guy I would like to first ask how far I can get it working:

A) I found after research that when you purely let it run with Volumio it only support SW Volume
Is that correct?
B) Is it possible to get access over Volumio to TCP server for upload from SigmaStudio the DSP setup
C) Is it possible to run DSPToolkit from Hifiberry to keep the HW volume and get direct access to DSP parameters with Volumio 3
D) will the GPIO of the DSP work even with no HifiberryOS as I would need some programmed DSP functions like mute.

Maybe some guys have experience?
Kind Regards

These are good questions for any Volumio user wanting a minimalist DSP setup through a 2.1 Ch configuration.
I’ve considered HiFiBerry’s DSP hat for stereo music (don’t find it ideal that the standard approach - the app - doesn’t offer independent channel control, and wonder if the BEOCREATE board / software has comparable limitations), but had not previously considered this board for HT.
Neat idea, indeed!